Why “Choice”

I was asked earlier this week why I support school choice… As an educator and lifelong learner I support school choice because it allows parents, educators, and even students to be actively engaged in their own learning and the opportunities that effect their futures. School choice affords those involved the options to advocate for themselves in how they would like their education to look, feel and serve them long after they have completed their years in school. It lets stakeholders and students have a choice in a crucial part of their lives and say as to how they would like to learn and how they learn best. Those with a school choice no longer have to accept just any educational setting or path that is in their physical or financial proximity but allows them to be invested actors in a process that determines how successful they can become in the future. That is why I support school choice

Rob R. Love

Rob R. Love is the Dean of Students at Carpe Diem Innovative School Northwest in Indianapolis. Dean Love has been involved with EdFit Consulting as both a panelist and participant in our School Board Governance Seminar.