“Get In Where You Fit In”

EdFit serves as a premier education liaison and comprehensive resource supporting education, equality, and diversity for leaders, parents and the community.  We educate and empower parents on the quality school selection process.  Our modern model strategically assesses learning styles to align with the K-12 curriculum and delivery methods.  Parent Advocate Representatives and education experts are utilized to create a successful laser approach to parent choice.


“In theory, school choice begins to even the playing field by allowing parents a higher level of ownership in the educational process. No matter the social-economic standing, parents have the opportunity to seek and find the school that best fits their respective students’ needs.”

Robert Marshall, Senior Director, Center for Leadership Development

“School choice affords those involved the options to advocate for themselves in how they would like their education to look, feel and serve them long after they have completed their years in school. It lets stakeholders and students have a choice in a crucial part of their lives and say as to how they would like to learn and how they learn best.”

Rob Love, Dean of Students, Carpe Diem Innovative School Northwest
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Get In Where You Fit In:

How Edfit Empowers Indiana’s Families to find the Right Schools for Their Kids

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